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Project Cammy Light Cammy Dark

Fandom of Cammy, Decapre, & the Dolls

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Project Cammy Light Cammy Dark
(aka: Project CLCD)

Project Cammy Light Cammy Dark is a cosplay project that spun off from bison_for_prez. It's a fictional, non-canon fandom based around Cammy, Decapre, and the other doll agents from Shadowloo in adventures planned out and created by shadowldychunli and illiara in the form of a story or web comic. Anyone else who cosplays a doll is welcome to join in. The main ladies (shadowldchunli/ivyf15 and illiara) are also members of TheGamerGirls.com (aka: TGG), come by and check out the site and see illiara's awesome modeling pictures!

We're also on myspace: Project CLCD on myspace!

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